Meet Your Trainer

Dan Berwick

Personal Trainer & Fitness Expert

Dan has worked in the fitness industry for over 8 years allowing him to gain excessive knowledge on what works and what doesn't. Within these 8 years Dan has worked for some of the most recognised companies such as Fitness First and Virgin active gaining vital experience as a fitness coach, service manager and a respected Personal Trainer to a long list of clients. With years of knowledge under his belt Dan has discovered many ways to create fun and motivational work outs without loosing sight of a clients key goals.

"You don't need a gym you need results"
By using a new method of training Dan takes away the boring dull and demotivating aspects of working out and turns them into challenging, motivational and rewarding sessions that enable clients to discover the art of Urban Twist Training. For Dan training is not just a hobby but a way of life, feeling good about yourself and seeing your own personal achievements will fill you with confidence and a positive outlook. This is something Dan tries to install in every individual. Practice what you preach and train hard, how much do your goals and dreams mean to you. Only you can reach them and Dan will ensure you have that guidance and support behind you.
"Various techniques Dan uses include"

-Boxercise and Pad Work
- TRX Ripcore
-HIIT Training
-Circuit Training
-Kettle Bells
-Battle ropes
-Tractor Tires
-Sand Bags
Plus much much more
Training is available to:
EVERYONE and ANYONE! Dan adapts his training techniques to suit all ages, fitness capabilities, weight, targets and goals. So do not think that this training is not for you, it's designed for everyone.
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